Despite protest, Yale-linked pipeline project progresses

Despite the efforts of Yale students and environmentalist, a controversial electrical transmission line project with financial links to Yale looks set to move forward.

The 192-mile transmission line, called Northern Pass, would deliver hydroelectric power from Quebec through New Hampshire to the New England region. Yale owns lands in New Hampshire through its investment manager Bayroot LLC, and Yale’s land manager Wagner Forest Management in 2012 leased the land for the construction of the project. State officials in Massachusetts chose to approve the project on Thursday, but the electrical line is still being evaluated in New Hampshire.

After a teach-in last May, Richard Samson, a commissioner of Coos County in New Hampshire, requested to meet with Dean of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Indy Burke to discuss Yale’s involvement in a proposed transmission line project that would run through his county. Samson is among many who have voiced concerns about the consequences of the Northern Pass project, including the destruction of valuable forest land.

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