Imperial College MSc in Environmental Technology

NV atCEPImperial

Published on Feb 23, 2020

The MSc in Environmental Technology was established over three decades ago, and provides the highest standard of knowledge and skills development for environmental specialists.

The term technology in the course title refers to the application of scientific knowledge, policy and engineering to solve environmental problems and address sustainability.

You will acquire a diverse range of discipline-specific problem-solving frameworks for tackling contemporary environmental issues, while combining the natural and social sciences with engineering and medicine in a truly interdisciplinary manner.

A major emphasis of the course is on the way environments function and on the compatible tools, alternative technologies and policies for sustainable environmental management.

There are specialist options available in the second term, designed to cater for a variety of individual interests and career requirements.

You complete a research project which normally stems from one of the specialist options. The project term extends from April to September, with the whole of this period devoted to the project.

Your project may be laboratory or desk-based and can involve fieldwork. Projects are usually carried out in conjunction with outside organisations, and can take place in the UK or abroad.


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