Joshua Nott: Rhodes Must Fall activist wins Rhodes scholarship – BBC News

24 January 2017

  • Image copyright Reuters Image caption Rhodes was a student at Oxford and a member of Oriel College in the 1870s A South African activist who campaigned to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes has been given a place at Oxford – as a Rhodes scholar.Joshua Nott, 23, has been branded a hypocrite on social media for accepting the £40,000 ($49,925) scholarship.

    Mr Nott was a key figure in the Rhodes Must Fall movement at the University of Cape Town.

    The campaigners called the British mining magnate a backward-looking symbol of racist colonialism.

    Following a Twitter outcry in Spring 2015, they succeeded in their bid to have the Cape Town statue removed.

    Students at Oxford University then mounted an unsuccessful campaign to remove a Rhodes statue at Oriel College, where the businessman was educated.

    Oriel resisted the pressure after a consultation showed “overwhelming” support for keeping it.

    Mr Nott, who compared the Cape Town statue to “a swastika in Jerusalem”, will now receive tens of thousands from Rhodes’ legacy.

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