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The Point: Misconceptions about China’s fight against virus outbreak


Published on Jan 31, 2020

As the number of cases continue to rise, China’s fight against the deadly coronavirus is ramping up. What’s the latest situation and what criticisms need to be addressed?

Guests: Dr. Eric Ding, epidemiologist and health economist at Harvard Chan School of Public Health; Dr. Chen Xiaowei, founder of TeloSpring Health Technologies; Dr. Zhu Huachen, associate professor at State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases, University of Hong Kong.

China no longer the world’s dumping ground


Published on Feb 1, 2020

China is not taking in foreign trash anymore. From January 2018, China imposed a blanket ban on 24 types of imported waste, including solid waste such as household plastics, vanadium slag, unsorted waste paper, and waste textiles. China’s move is overwhelming recycling stations in the U.S. and the EU is deciding on whether to tax plastics. As the environmental-protection figures no longer dazzle, developed countries are panicking.

WFP uses new tech to fight refugee food shortages in Jordan

PBS NewsHour

Published on Feb 1, 2020

Jordan is home to an estimated 3 million refugees, and the country’s harsh terrain makes supplying food for them difficult. But to combat the food shortages, the U.N. World Food Program is using technologies like iris scans to track refugee spending habits and hydroponics to grow livestock feed. Christopher Livesay reports as part of our “Future of Food” series with Pulitzer Center support.

US to bar foreign nationals who were recently in China as global coronavirus death toll hits 259

FRANCE 24 English

Published on Feb 1, 2020

The Trump administration, while insisting the risk to Americans from coronavirus is low, nevertheless declared a public health emergency on Friday and announced the extraordinary step of barring entry to the United States of foreign nationals who have recently visited China

Italy takes measures to protect population


Jan 31, 2020

Italy has reported its first confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Two Chinese tourists sightseeing in Rome were hospitalized earlier in the week after exhibiting symptoms.