The New Atlas of African History: G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville

The noted English scholar of African history (professor emeritus at the University of London and author of The Mombasa Rising Against the Portugese , Oxford, 1980, etc.) has produced a very good publication with 103 two-color maps covering a wide range of topics and historical periods. Nine are small insets lacking in detail, but the rest do their job well. Unfortunately, this volume suffers by comparison with the Historical Atlas of Africa ( LJ 10/1/85), whose 72 chapters feature more than 300 impressive, multicolored maps, as well as other illustrations. About the only thing The New Atlas has that the Historical Atlas lacks is a few reproductions of antiquarian maps; it’s also possible that some users might prefer the smaller format of The New Atlas (8 x 11) to that of its predecessor (16 x 12). But basically the Historical Atlas contains all that The New Atlas has and more. It costs more ($95), but the additional $30 purchases a bigger, more detailed, and much more lavish atlas; the difference seems well worth the extra expense.
– Paul H. Thomas, Hoover Inst. Lib., Stanford, Cal.
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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