IRTs New Global Strategy

The Institute for Responsible Technology

Jan 18, 2020

So what we need to do is to reframe the world debate now. So that those who are involved with planetary survival, climate chaos, oceans at risk, soil at risk. They adopt the message that nature is at risk. We can’t do it. These people here and a handful of others. We’re the anti GMO national figures in the United States and Canada? We’re not going to do it. We’re not going to be able to protect nature in this generation ourselves, but we can create the educational information, the assets, and give it to the majority of people in the world who now believe that climate chaos is a reality. And ask them to add this protection Because if we solve the problem of climate change, if we solve the problem with the oceans, if we protect the soils, we still might lose the natural world we cherish. And so our focus now is to protect all living beings and all future generations.

And you can’t do that just at the grocery store when we’re talking about genetically engineered microorganisms or algae or flowers or fish. It’s got to be holistic, in addition to consumer education. It has to be policy, international treaties, litigation, legislation, media, social media. And we need to use the infrastructure of the existing organizations that are already fertile in desiring to protect all future generations from whatever they’re looking at, climate chaos, ocean issues, et cetera. And simply have them adopt this new framing. So I, at the end of this panel, I’m going to give a phone number that you can text the word, JOIN to, and then we will send you information, how you can help us populate this message throughout the world. And the payoff is protecting all living beings and all future generations.


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