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Future of Fact | What Happens Next | Retro Report


Oct 25, 2017

How are journalists using virtual reality to transform the news and communicate the facts? “What Happens Next” is a collaboration with Quartz examining the future of society.

How NASA Sold Us a Trip to the Moon | Retro Report


Jun 24, 2019

To launch the moon landing project, NASA had to find ways to convince the American public that the costly, audacious pursuit was essential. One lasting result: Tang breakfast drink. This video is a collaboration with PBS, American Experience.

Engineering Earth’s Climate? | Retro Report on PBS

Retro Report on PBS    Engineering Earth’s Climate?      Episode 5 | 10m 56s

Scientists are worried that soon, simply reducing carbon emissions won’t be enough to even slow global warming. A U.N. panel has said the world will likely need to “geo-engineer” the climate. That’s an idea that dates to the Cold War, when a different kind of global challenge gave rise to fears of a “nuclear winter.”

You cannot make this up … but Trump did. – Erin Burnett


Published on Jan 10, 2020

CNN’s Erin Burnett says President Trump is changing his story about the details that led to the strike on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani

Burnett: Trump didn’t want anyone to see these emails


Published on Jan 2, 2020

CNN’s Erin Burnett reacts to unredacted documents reviewed by Just Security which purport to show that the order to freeze military aid to Ukraine came directly from President Trump. #CNN #News

Thank You Sunrise Movement

Bernie Sanders

Published on Jan 9, 2020

Thank you to the Sunrise Movement for their very, very important endorsement.

You are leading this country in the fight against the existential crisis of climate change.

Together, we will win and save this planet for our kids and grandkids.