Our world is chaos | VPRO Documentary

vpro documentaryJan 10, 2020

Is our world chaos? Of are we humans being chaotic? Never before has mankind lived in such a free, safe, and accessible world as today. But this chaotic world demands more and more of our own. Is the real crisis within us, or is it the world that has become chaos?

“We have created a society where we as human beings can no longer meet the expectations,” says psychiatrist and philosopher Damiaan Denys. For millions of years, man’s world of experience was not much bigger than his immediate environment. The human brain is programmed to try to understand the environment and all his aspects.

But in a world full of stimuli, complex information, and alternative truths, we sometimes no longer see the forest for the trees. What effect does such an overwhelming amount of information have on our mental state and on society as a whole? Why are we afraid when the world has never been so safe?

Why do we increasingly feel depressed and lonely when the world has never been so accessible and connected? And how is it possible that something as fundamental as keeping the earth livable is not perceived as a necessity by everyone?

For the American sociologist Kari Norgaard, climate change is the most comprehensive social research ever. According to her, how people deal with climate change offers valuable insights into human behavior and organizational capacity in times of extreme change.

Because solutions for climate change are radical and complex, and often lie outside our direct sphere of influence, the subject evokes uncomfortable feelings such as fear, guilt, and powerlessness. Usually, people would rather avoid those feelings.

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