Jackie Bond – Joing Extinction Rebellion for radical climate action

Nick Breeze   Jan 4, 2020

For more information visit: https://envisionation.co.uk/index.php
When Jackie Bond started reading about climate change, her instincts told her she needed to act. In this interview Jackie talks about how she joined Extension Rebellion, as well the running as an MP in the recent election, where she trebled the Green Party’s vote share in Vauxhall, South London.

Much of Jackie’s experience is based upon placing the climate crisis at the centre of our discourse, be that social or political. Interview by Nick Breeze.

NB: What got you to be where you are today as a green candidate running to be an MP?

JB: Initially I got into this about 6 years ago and I always try to think about how I found out about how terrible the situation the world was in. I can’t remember, I just remember suddenly being immersed in reading 20-30 articles a day on climate change, destruction of rain forests, all our biomes just catapulting out of control.

I was thinking that this situation was abysmal and it wasn’t satisfied by having some knowledge of climate change given to us in school. It felt like there was a blanket of lies about how this was being communicated. If you looked you could find the truth that was out there but it wasn’t being presented to you upfront.

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