CPDP 2016: Surveillance capitalism: a new societal condition rising

CPDPConferences   Published on Mar 3, 2016

Surveillance capitalism: A new societal condition rising.

Organized by EPIC

Moderator: Kristina Irion, IViR-UvA (NL)

Panel: Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Member of the Icelandic Parliament (IS), David Lyon, Queens University (CA), Marc Rotenberg, EPIC (US)

Todays accounts of the information economy presumes social progress highlighted by new innovations – such as social network services, global search and smart phone apps. However, the corresponding commodification of personal data is of a magnitude and ubiquity that qualifies as a defining societal condition and signals the onset of a new era: Surveillance capitalism. To Shoshana Zuboff “this new form of information capitalism aims to predict and modify human behavior as a means to produce revenue and market control.” The long-term consequences of this economic transformation may thus be much deeper changes in society than the latest apps. This panel takes a big picture perspective and explores the conditions of surveillance capitalism and how the accumulation of data translates into power and transforms society. In particular, the panel will consider the following questions:

– What is surveillance capitalism? – What are its conditions and drivers? – How does the accumulation of data translate into power? – What societal changes may eventuate as a result of surveillance capitalism?

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