De Gaulle Triumphant (1960)

British Pathé
Item title reads – De Gaulle triumphant. London. L/S elevated shot of open top carriage carrying French President Charles de Gaulle to Horseguards Parade. M/S of him with Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) in carriage, L/S people applauding. L/S of them arriving with troops in foreground. M/S of the two men in the carriage. M/S as he salutes and shakes hands with Prince Henry, (Duke of Gloucester) who is Senior Colonel Brigade of Guards. M/S of de Gaulle on platform, L/S of Guards he will be reviewing. M/S as he stands in the back of a jeep which drives past all the guards including Battalions of Grenadier, Coldstream, Irish Guards, King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery and Household Cavalry Regiment. Various shots as he drives past in the car. M/S French sailors watching. Various shots of Royal Horse Artillery riding past pulling gun carriages. Various shots as de Gaulle salutes from podium as troops pass. Aerial shots as they pass. Various shots as other guards march past.

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