Mass Media Expo: This is What Democracy Looks Like


Dec 19, 2019

Media’s role in the democratic process is more essential and influential than ever—from viral think pieces, to films as a key tool in moving policy initiatives, and live streamed town hall debates. How filmmakers, storytellers, and journalists engage to enlighten and inform is vital in a participatory media culture where communications are shared, commented, memed, and weaponized for good and bad intentions.

Our accelerated media paradigm has irrevocably changed the political landscape and is influencing voters on divisive and complicated issues. Is it helping or hurting the cause of democracy and social good? Are the values of a democratic society being advanced, allowing new voices to emerge, and bringing us together–or are we sliding into a protracted age of divisive rhetoric and inaction driven by micro-targeted technology undermining the possibilities of citizen participation?

Panelists include Jodi Rave Spotted Bear, T. Woody Richman, Hedrick Smith, Chris Hastings and moderator Lise Balk King.

See more talks from the 2019 Mass Media Expo:

See more talks from the 2019 Mass Media Expo:…

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