The Caribbean: A Region at the Center of Coastal Climate Change – Dr. Heidi Weiskel, 7 December 2019


Virtual Blue COP25    Dec 12, 2019

QR-Heidi-CaribbeanObservatory for Marine and Coastal Governance Twitter: @centroamb
email:  <>

Speakers: Ana Lucía Maya-Aguirre <>; Lisa Benjamin <>; Vivienne Solis Rivera <> ; Ximena Ramos <>; Heidi Weiskel <>

Watch full sequence of panel presentations:

Climate Change, Ocean Governance and Marine Justice for Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Description: This webinar brings together an amazing group of women speaking from different disciplines about the current challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean countries facing climate change. They are biologists, lawyers and marine scientists who will discuss the biological impacts of climate change for marine species and for human communities. They will examine the political economy of coastal development as well as the challenges for governments in responding to the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate issued by the IPCC in October 2019. They will also present local experiences of protecting marine and coastal ecosystems, and working with local coastal communities to ensure traditional knowledge is taken into account in marine and coastal governance.

This webinar was one of a series of 15 other virtual events on the Ocean Day, an event from VirtualBlueCOP25 :

On Saturday the 7th of December 2019, the #VirtualBlueCOP25 held a unique 24-hour event all around the world. It gave the opportunity to decision makers, scientists, activists, artists, NGOs and many more to share and take their work to the COP25 from their home country. Additionally, the 24-hour event provided insights and updates on the international climate-ocean negotiations at COP25 with real-time discussion and analyses among a wide group of participants.

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