FULL SHOW: China’s oil & gas take ‘great leap forward’

RT America

Dec 9, 2019

China is creating a national oil and gas pipeline company to help expand its energy infrastructure. This marks a key move in China’s deepening oil and gas reforms. RT America’s Sayeh Tavangar explains. (12:06) Federal investigators are trying to piece together the details of Mohammed Alshamrani’s life after they say he opened fire at a Naval air station in Pensacola, Florida, killing three people before police fatally shot him. The FBI is leading the investigation and for now agents believe the shooting to be an “act of terrorism.” Journalist and “America’s Lawyer” contributor Mollye Barrows reports from Pensacola. (0:51) Newly released data is putting a spotlight on the cost of housing inmates and the numbers are staggering. Housing just one inmate in a city jail has drastically increased to a record high of $337,000 a year. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the story. (6:14)

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