Why the U.K. establishment is terrified of Jeremy Corbyn

Democracy Now!

Dec 2, 2019

The British general election is just 10 days away and will have huge implications for the future of the country as voters choose between right-wing Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson or left-wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Despite Johnson’s efforts to center Brexit as the leading issue in the next election, the Labour Party is focusing on social and economic plans. Corbyn recently unveiled an ambitious $100-billion plan to reinvigorate the public sector by investing in infrastructure, education and healthcare. If he succeeds, Corbyn’s election could show that it is “possible to reverse all of the damage inflicted by the neoliberal system, its economic policies, it’s wars.” To learn more about the U.K. elections, we spoke with Tariq Ali, the acclaimed activist, filmmaker, author and editor of the New Left Review.

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