Fridays For Future Press Conference at COP25 Madrid

Nick Breeze

Dec 4, 2019 Friday’s for future
Negotiators have never lived in poverty
Global South are not represented

World leaders are protecting interests of the fossil fuel industry
Undemocratic, criminal…
We need to change if we are to hold 1.5°C – injustice towards those who do not have a voice.
Solidarity with all those who are not receiving climate justice.
Millions are now coming together to say no more to the few who are benefiting from the destruction of the global commons.

We are in the biggest crisis the world has ever known and the youth of today are the biggest victims.

I come from Tasmania, our country is literally on fire.
We are not only in a climate emergency, we are in a climate justice emergency.
The voices of those who should be heard are being silenced.
It’s time to move beyond politics…
Barrier reef is experiencing continual bleaching.
300kms of fire front lines.
The youth here are represented intercontinentally and will stay until we are heard.

It’s time to stop greenwashing, stop extracting,

Africa is the worst hit by climate change… We must be at the centre of every decision made in this conference.

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