Climate change: Greta Thunberg mobbed at UN climate talks – BBC News

Matt McGrath Environment correspondent @mattmcgrathbbc on Twitter


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was mobbed by press and delegates as she made her first visit to UN climate talks in Madrid.

Ms Thunberg joined a youth demonstration inside the conference which was quickly swamped by spectators eager to catch a glimpse of Greta.

Amid shouts of “leave her alone” from concerned observers, she was escorted away by UN security staff.

She is due to take part in a climate protest march in Madrid later.

Ms Thunberg has arrived in Madrid following a voyage across the Atlantic by yacht.

The hope among many here is that the scale of the march and her speech to the COP next week will give a big boost to the talks process that seems badly in need of a lift.

This COP started with great hope last Monday, with strong words from the UN secretary-general and others, warning that time is running out and that negotiators should be guided by the science.

Since then, the urgency has given way to frustration.

Little obvious progress is being made on the central question of raising countries ambitions to cut carbon.

Indeed, the UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa said the issue of increased pledges wasn’t even on the agenda for the final outcome from this conference.

“We don’t have in the agenda one item that’s called ‘ambition’ and, therefore, it’s not like we are expecting to have a specific decision on that.”

In the face of several recent scientific reports stating that countries were falling further behind when it comes to meeting the Paris agreement targets, this was a little disturbing to say the least.

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