Richard Wolff: Price of coffee beans have dropped but the cost of your cup of coffee hasn’t

Democracy At WorkDec 3, 2019

“Over the last three years the price of coffee (per pound, at the farm, the beans, the coffee beans) has gone from over $1.20 per pound to $0.55 per pound. It destroyed the livelihoods of tens of thousands of small coffee farmers all over the world through Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica… If you haven’t noticed a drop in the price of coffee that might be because the company delivering your coffee drink is keeping the extra money they get by not having to pay as much for coffee as they used to and using it for their profits.” We’re taking a look back this week.
This clip comes from Episode 30 of this season, which aired in the first week of August: “Win Win For Women’s Soccer”
Watch the full episode here:…

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