New Amsterdam (New York City) History and Cartography (1664)

Bravura Media Company Aug 4, 2016

New Amsterdam history and cartography is explored and examined from this vintage map that was originally produced in 1664. In the video we’ll zoom in and look at all the historical aspects that make this map so great. As you might already know, New Amsterdam was one of the first names given to what we now call New York City aka Manhattan. New Amsterdam was first settled by the dutch and became a focal point in their North American colony New Netherland. What’s interesting about the geography of this location is that originally Henry Hudson (dutch explorer) wanted to find a route to the northwest passage for the dutch east india trading company via the Hudson River. Instead though he found a plethora of indigenous beavers that were very much prized over in Europe. Thus this is why Manhattan resides today along the Hudson River.

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