Planning for a Sustainable Future on a Finite Planet: Where Can We Turn to Learn in the Midst of Abrupt Change? – Part 2 | EV & N – #333 | CCTV


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Citizens and scientists are devising new strategies of learning & teaching in the face of abrupt climate and environmental change we must now all confront.  We are a fossil-fueled civilization everywhere now on the globe.  We need to make the transition to become a solar-sustainable civilization.  For this reason “transition studies” form the most valuable and urgent realm of education for citizens, scientists and the entire global community as we face the human costs of environmental transformation driven by abrupt climate change.

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As it turns out, it would seem that novelists and creative artists may be the ones to help us envision the kinds of moral compass we each need now to develop in times of abrupt change.  Charles Dickens addressed this in his fictional account, The Tale of Two Cities, but it is likely that he encountered uncomprehending editors and a troubled public as he explored the moral ambiguity of revolutionary times.


In many ways we are now living in the midst of a tale of two “cities” and two states of mind.  See:


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