Some Advantages of Joining….The Africa Map Circle | EV & N – #332 | CCTV


YouTube Version

The Africa Map Circle has proven to be of use to an international group of historians — African historians, historians of the Americas (North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean), maritime historians and historical cartographers , etc. from all over the world.  Further more many map collectors, rare book specialists and antique map dealers have found it to be a valuable resource for their ongoing work as well.

In addition, through the Africa Map Circle students and teachers in any learning environment from middle school through post-doctoral researchers can explore digital resources and instructional videos for their research or teaching.  Online links are provided to special collections and important repositories of images and historical maps like those of  Afriterra: The Cartographic Free Library.   To advance its educational outreach to both students and educators, Afriterra has developed an online portal called the “Lesson-Companion.”  This enables its users to design Africa related projects with immediate access to historical maps of direct interest to their research concerns.  In addition, its online “blog” provides insights on many particular items and discussions of general problems in the field of African cartography.

On more specific topics the Africa Map Circle maintains an online “playlist” of video material of interest to Africanists around the world.

More information will be posted from time to time through this link on the benefits of joining the Africa Map Circle.

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