Cambridge Climate Protection Action Committee Outlines Goals for Achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions | News | The Harvard Crimson

By Davit Antonyan, Contributing Writer11 hours ago

The Climate Protection Action Committee unanimously supported recommendations to the City Manager’s Office that aim to combat climate change in Cambridge in a meeting Thursday night.

The recommendations came as part of the committee’s Net Zero Action Plan, a strategy to promote eliminating all production of carbon emissions in buildings and infrastructure throughout the city. The committee presented the recommendations in an Net Zero Action Plan Progress Report to ensure the city implements its previously stated goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cambridge produced 1.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions in 2012, according to a recent report conducted by the City’s Community Development Department.

Three committee members who spoke at the meeting said they found it urgent to make actionable recommendations to the City Manager’s office to institute certain suggestions from the Net Zero Action Plan. Though they agreed Cambridge is on track to meet their broader goals, they said they believe the city is behind schedule in adopting their recommendations.

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