Tomgram: Naomi Oreskes, Why Science Failed to Stop Climate Change | TomDispatch

mate Change
Posted by Naomi Oreskes at 4:25pm, November 10, 2019.
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[Note for TomDispatch Readers: Today’s author, Naomi Oreskes, who’s done yeoman’s work on climate-change issues over the years, has a new book, Why Trust Science? Here are two recommendations for it from figures I admire: Naomi Klein says, “How do we get to the truth? How do we safeguard scientific knowledge (and ourselves) from those whose interests are threatened by it? With her trailblazing work on climate denial and much else, Naomi Oreskes offers essential perspective on these questions. She tackles them head-on in this clear, utterly compelling book.” Elizabeth Kolbert (author of The Sixth Extinction) agrees, saying the book “should be read by progressives, conservatives, and everyone in between. It’s an important, timely, and utterly compelling book.” Tom]

I saw the piece in the Guardian in July 2018 and must admit I was stunned by it. It wasn’t that, on the issue of climate change, I hadn’t already read plenty of bad news about what was to come for humanity. Somehow, though, this story got to me — maybe because, once upon a time in another universe, I was a China-scholar-to-be. The headline read: “Unsurvivable heatwaves could strike heart of China by end of century.” As a result, the Guardian reported, parts of the heavily populated North China plain — populated by 400 million people today — could become “uninhabitable” by 2100 or even earlier.

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