Internet Institutes – Citizen Learning Portals for Global Online Education


The Challenge of Our Circumstance:

In our current global circumstance existing educational institutions are often not adequate for the task at hand.  They simply are not equipped to teach both students and global citizens fast enough for them to act effectively in the abruptly changing circumstances that will affect all our lives, our livelihoods and our prospects for survival.

The reasons for this are clear.  All schools, colleges, university and degree-granting institutions have a two-fold mission.  The first is to educate their students.  The second is to certify that they have done so.  Unfortunately the certification function of formal education institutions can come to preoccupy these institutions to the extent that it can overwhelm and largely subordinate their educational function.

A Timely Response is Emerging:

While this situation is thoroughly understandable these constraints of formal educational institutions need no longer limit education — neither for students nor for citizens.  With the development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through many universities and specialized training available from a wide variety of online portals it is now possible for global citizens and students of all ages to seek out, locate and construct new education experiences of their own designed more specifically for their practical needs.

Portals like:


are providing links to online teaching and learning facilities for global citizens on issues of timely environmental and social concern.



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