Oil Goliath ExxonMobil’s Decades-Long Deception

RT America Oct 30, 2019

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins dive into tech behemoth Amazon’s new foray into the election systems of over 40 states across the U.S, further widening Jeff Bezos’s grip on modern society. Also, Google has been found to be funneling money to organizations that are working to refute climate change. This, while Trump may be rolling back legislation originally enacted to stop businesses and individuals from dodging taxes through offshore tax havens.

Then, RT correspondent Brigida Santos walks us through a lawsuit brought forth by the Massachusetts Attorney General against ExxonMobil, alleging the energy giant has long been aware of its products accelerating climate change, yet chose NOT to disclose relevant studies that might hurt the company’s bottom line.

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows discusses how a New Hampshire woman ended up trapped in the emergency room for nearly THREE WEEKS upon being sedated by police, then committed by her daughter for psychiatric help. With legal action by the ACLU on the way, what does this woman’s de facto detainment in the E.R. say about the prioritization of mental health resources in hospitals nationwide?

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