The Silenced Russian Journalists (2011)

Journeyman Pictures Oct 28, 2019

Killing the Messenger: Since coming to power in May 2000, Vladimir Putin’s autocratic hold on the nation has been unyielding and has forced Russia’s news media into compliance. Subscribe to Journeyman here:… Over the past two decades, dozens of journalists have been murdered in Russia and many more have been beaten and mutilated. There have, though, been few convictions for any of the attacks and public unease regarding freedom of political expression is growing. ”The fault lies not with specific people or specific bureaucrats, it’s the whole atmosphere,” says journalist Oleg Kashin. He believes that one man is ultimately responsible: President Vladimir Putin. With an end to Putin’s reign improbable for quite some time, a bleak future awaits for those who question political authority. The message of those who oppose the despot is clear: “Russia must be free of Putin! Down with the thieves! Long live free elections!”

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