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As Turkey and Russia expand reach within Syria, U.S. scrambles to reassure allies

Published on Oct 23, 2019
President Trump says he’s lifting sanctions on Turkey, after Turkey and Russia extended a cease-fire while Syrian Kurds evacuate the Syrian border region. Trump credited U.S. military withdrawal from northeast Syria for delivering “a much more peaceful and stable area,” though that move prompted bipartisan criticism that Trump had abandoned Kurdish partners. Nick Schifrin joins Judy Woodruff.

Business Daily – What is the Green New Deal?


Released On: 23 Oct 2019
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The plan to transform the economy and solve climate change has taken off in Washington DC

2020 Candidate Conversations: Off Script : NPR

Credit: NPR

When you hear a big idea from a presidential candidate, do you ever want to ask: How would that work?

Two undecided voters John Zeitler, a 48-year-old attorney for an insurance company, and Hetal Jani, 36, who runs a nonprofit focused on education and mentorship, wanted to know more about the “freedom dividend” proposal from first-time presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

The voters, along with Morning Edition host Noel King, sat down with Yang at a Midtown Manhattan dumpling shop called Baodega as part of Off Script, a series of interviews with 2020 presidential candidates. Listen to the group’s conversation about the freedom dividend by clicking the audio button above. Watch the full conversation here.

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