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Published on Jul 3, 2009 We all want a garden we can be proud ofsomewhere to relax with a tea and the Sunday papers. But all too often our enjoyment is spoilt by unwanted weeds around the garden which look unsightly and compete with our treasured plants. Round Up weedkiller has the best solution for you. Roundup ready to use sprayers are quick, easy and convenient.

Spotted some weeds, then choose one of the various spray methods to quickly apply your Roundup. This sprayer and its easy to use larger brothers can all be used to either apply a narrow jet, perfect for individual weeds or a broader spray for treating several or larger leaves.

In difficult to reach places such as in amongst border plants and vegetables the foaming option, on the 1Litre sprayer, ensures no drip off onto desirable plants and lets see where you have applied. For larger areas or gardens Roundup has the answer to tired hands squeezing trigger sprays. Roundup Pull n Spray 5 Litre does just that. One pull gives a continuous spray equivalent to 15 squeezes on the trigger. Pump n Go takes this one step further providing 3 minutes of continuous application.Just pump the handle 20 times and pull the trigger! Using the PUMP N GO couldn’t be simpler… Having cut the white ties to release the hose and wand connect the hose to the pack Pump the handle up to 20 times and place the handle in the lock position. Extend the sprayer lance by pushing the yellow button and pulling the lance. Depress the white button to get 3 minutes of continuous spray. The spray pattern can be adjusted by turning the nozzle Some fast acting weedkillers only burn off the leaves. With RUP rest easy knowing that your problem weeds will soon have died, right down to their roots, so they can never come back. Once applied Roundup Ready to Use, it gets to work immediately. Leaves will start to wilt in a matter of hours and start to turn brown in a few days. The rest of the plant and its roots will gradually die back over the next two to three weeks with no risk of re-growth

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