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Whistleblower alleges White House tried to suppress Zelenskiy call details

PBS NewsHour Oct 10, 2019

It was an explosive day on Capitol Hill, as a redacted version of the whistleblower letter was released publicly, and the acting director of national intelligence testified before the House Intelligence Committee about his handling of it. Lisa Desjardins reports on what the whistleblower complaint describes, the role of Congress and how President Trump is responding to the developments.

Oily Wells Fargo Funds Dirty Fossil Fuels

NationalSierraClubOct 10, 2019

Wells Fargo is increasing its funding for the dirty fossil fuels that are driving the climate crisis. In the three years after the Paris Agreement, Wells Fargo poured $152 billion into coal, oil and gas. Wells Fargo is now the top banker of fracking the world, and continues to invest in the companies behind tar sands pipelines like Keystone XL and Line 3. It’s time to send a clear message: if “Oily Wells” won’t divest from climate destruction, we will divest from them.

XR Tasmania Takes It To the Streets | Channel 7 News | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion

Oct 10, 2019

Tasmania’s forests are home to the tallest flowering trees on the planet. Centuries-old, these tall trees are the lungs of our land. As well as ancient trees, these spectacular forests contain rock art and endangered animal species like the Tasmanian Devil. This incredible place is one of the largest remaining intact temperate forest ecosystems on planet Earth.