Oxford Senior Psychology Lecturer arrested, “Because children are dying!” | Extinction Rebellion]

Published on Oct 10, 2019

In this time of ecological emergency, we act boldly because it is not only our moral duty to protect life but also our sanctioned civil duty. It is enshrined in the law that those who act out of necessity to protect others (e.g breaking down the door of burning buildings to save those inside) are not breaking the law 🕊

To act according to the TRUTH means disrupting business as usual to prevent a greater crime – the destruction of our ecosystems. For some, this means sitting in the road and for others it might mean disrupting major infrastructure such as buildings, tubes, motorways and airports.

Small groups of people can create an incredible amount of disruption which more closely focuses the public’s attention on an issue because they are actually affected by it.

To build pressure on the Government, we need more brave rebels who are up for high levels of disruption – those who are willing to risk short periods in prison and even prison sentences. We have a fantastic team to support rebels on this path.

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