Charles Ferguson on Nixon: “He didn’t have to do any of this stuff”

Democracy Now! Oct 6, 2019

The Watergate scandal occurred in 1972 with the discovery and arrest of five men, armed with electronics and large amounts of cash in the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. The break-in and burglary was eventually revealed as part of “a far wider effort on the part of the Nixon administration to undermine the Democratic party,” according to filmmaker Charles Ferguson, whose recent documentary “Watergate — Or How We Learned to Stop an Out of Control President,” traces the events that resulted in Nixon’s resignation. The Watergate break-in was one of many operations carried out in an effort to defeat Nixon’s political rivals. Many people agree that Nixon “didn’t have to do any of this stuff in order to win. But he did it anyway,” Ferguson says. “He saw enemies everywhere, including where they didn’t really exist.”

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