Environmental Justice – Online Course

Online course in Nature & Environment

Environmental Justice

Understand how climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation affect people, exploring justice in environment management.

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NOTE:  Many universities have dealt with these themes for more than 20 years.

At Harvard, for example, the Divinity School launched the “Harvard Semiar on Environmental Values” in the early 1990s, and it continued operating through 2002, focusing on climate change.  In subsequent years the Harvard Extension School  offered both on-campus and “distance learning” courses in environmental justice each year from 2007 through 2014, along side courses on the “ethics of sustainability” (from 2001 through 2016) and global climate change (from 2004 through 2016), emphasizing “The Science, Social Impact and Diplomacy of a World Environmental Crisis.”

Despite repeated calls from its students and the larger faculty community the Harvard University administration has refused to divest its portfolio of its fossil fuel holdings.  Meanwhile, the courses on environmental justice, environmental ethics and climate change that had been offered over a total of 45 semesters and summer school sessions in the past have now been discontinued.

The international curricula on these problems has moved elsewhere.  Students can now explore these issues through courses offered by universities like the University of East Anglia or through other online learning environments like the Citizen-Science Online Learning Initiative (CSOLI).

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