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How the IMF, Bill & Hillary Clinton destroyed Haiti

Published on Oct 1, 2019
Jemima Pierre, professor of African American studies, joins Rick Sanchez to explain the role of the Clinton Foundation after Haiti’s earthquake in 2010 and Hillary Clinton’s role in installing the island’s current president. She explains how the Clintons and “US imperialism” in general have

The Case for Science

Published on Oct 1, 2019
Philosopher and writer Lee McIntyre joins Steve Paikin for a discussion about his new book: “The Scientific Attitude: Defending Science from Denial, Fraud, and Pseudoscience,” on the topic of separating facts from alternative facts. McIntyre is a research fellow at the Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University.

In Conversation: Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders

Robert Reich Oct 1, 2019

Robert Reich and Senator Bernie Sanders discuss how to fight Trump’s agenda and how to keep building a progressive movement.

Why XR Demands A Citizens’ Assembly On Climate And Ecological Justice | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction RebellionOct 1, 2019

Extinction Rebellion’s third demand is that government must create and be led by the decisions of a citizens’ assembly on climate and ecological justice. But what is a citizens’ assembly? And why does Extinction Rebellion believe that it’s our only hope to create the radical change needed to deal with this emergency? In this video,
Linda Doyle, a member of XR UK’s national citizens’ assembly working group describes why citizens’ assemblies are essential to giving the UK public the opportunity to respond and getting the radical change we need to address the climate and ecological emergency.
You can link to the slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14nu4…

The Heat: Sierra Leone, Antigua and Barbuda, climate change Pt 3

CGTN AmericaOct 1, 2019

This year U.N.-Secretary-General Antonio Guterres hosted a climate change summit and young people challenged leaders to take action. State Representative David Michel, from the U.S. state of Connecticut, is working to protect his coastal community.

Farm Bankruptcies Skyrocket Thanks To Trump’s Trade War

The Ring of Fire Oct 1, 2019

The number of farms that have gone bankrupt since Donald Trump’s trade war began has increased by 13% over the year before (prior to the tariffs.) More than 10,000 farms of all sizes have now gone out of business, and there is no sign of relief on the horizon. This is Trump’s policy, and he owns this economic destruction, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

Resource Wars – 1

The Film Archives

Oct 1, 2019