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IPCC SR15 Press Conference Live Oct 8th 2018

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Streamed live on Oct 7, 2018

Incheon, South Korea

IPCC Press Conference – Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Streamed live 18 hours ago

IPCC Press Conference

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Greta Thunberg & Aminatou Haidar Win Right Livelihood Awards, Known as “Al ternative Nobel Prize”

Sep 25, 2019

The winners of this year’s Right Livelihood Awards have been announced. The prize is widely known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize.” The head of the Right Livelihood Foundation, Ole von Uexküll, announced the laureates earlier today in Stockholm.

Ole von Uexküll: “Greta Thunberg receives the Right Livelihood Award for inspiring and amplifying political demands for urgent climate action reflecting scientific facts. Aminatou Haidar receives the 2019 Right Livelihood Award for her steadfast nonviolent action, despite torture and imprisonment, in pursuit of justice and self-determination for the people of Western Sahara. Guo Jianmei receives the Right Livelihood Award for her pioneering and persistent work in securing women’s rights in China. Davi Kopenawa and the Yanomami Hutukara Association receive the Right Livelihood Award for their courageous determination to protect the forests and biodiversity of the Amazon, and the lands and culture of its indigenous peoples.”

Visit democracynow.org to see our interviews with Greta Thunberg and Aminatou Haidar.

Bolsonaro Faces Condemnation For Defending Deforestation of Amazon in U.N. Speech

Sep 25, 2019

In news from the United Nations General Assembly, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is facing widespread condemnation after using his U.N. address to defend the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, attack indigenous leaders and accuse the international media of lying about the recent devastating fires in the Amazon.

President Jair Bolsonaro: “It is a fallacy to say that the Amazon is the heritage of humankind, and a misconception, as confirmed by scientists, to say, that our Amazonian forests are the lungs of the world. The Amazon is not being devastated, nor is it being consumed by fire, as the media misleadlingly says.”

Amazon Watch decried Bolsonaro’s address, stating, “Today the Amazon continues to burn and may soon reach an unrecoverable tipping point due to Bolsonaro’s complicity with environmental crime.” The president of Brazil also used his address at the United Nations to personally attack the Brazilian indigenous leader Chief Raoni. Click here to see the chief’s conversation yesterday as he attempted to get into the Climate Action Summit.

IPCC: World Must Cut Greenhouse Emissions or Face Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

Sep 25, 2019

The U.N.-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is warning the world must quickly cut greenhouse gas emissions or face catastrophic sea level rise that could threaten hundreds of millions of people. Earlier today, the IPCC released a landmark study on how the climate crisis is impacting the world’s oceans, from rising sea levels to collapsing marine life. Ko Barrett is the vice chair of the IPCC and head of research at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Ko Barrett: “The consequences for nature and humanity are sweeping and severe. This report highlights also the urgency of timely, ambitious, coordinated and enduring action. What is at stake is the health of ecosystems, wildlife and, importantly, the world we leave for our children.”

Deputy UN Chief at the closing of the SDG Summit

United Nations

Sep 25, 2019

Opening Remarks by Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, at the closing of the SDG Summit.

A Fox News guest called Greta Thunberg ‘mentally ill.’ The network just apologized

Washington Post

Sep 24, 2019

Fox News apologized to climate activist Greta Thunberg on Sept. 23 after guest Michael Knowles, of the Daily Wire, called her a “mentally ill Swedish child.”

Greta Thunberg hits back at Trump taunt

The Star Online

Sep 25, 2019

Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has shot back at U.S. President Donald Trump’s attempt to mock her on Twitter by changing her profile on the social media site to reflect Trump’s taunting remark.

The Politics of Difference: Race, Technology, and Inclusion

Scheduled for Sep 25, 2019
This panel brings together Professor Ruha Benjamin, Professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Ms. Latoya Peterson and moderator Joan Donovan for a discussion on race, technology, media, and policy to converse on a range of topics from the recent public upheavals over facial recognition technology, increasing integration into police and state surveillance tools, and the manipulation of social media to gain a political advantage.

Memo ‘proves’ Trump made request of Zelenskiy

Published on Sep 25, 2019