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Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Published on Sep 14, 2019

With populism on the rise in the U.S. and across Europe, veteran foreign journalist Christopher Dickey gives a stark warning.

BBC “Inside Out West” takes an in depth look at the Stroud founders of XR | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion

Published on Sep 14, 2019

Seb Choudhury returns with an Inside Out West climate change special… with exclusive access to the Stroud founders of Extinction Rebellion during a summer of eco protest and disruption. Originally broadcast September 2nd 2019, video courtesy of the BBC.

Trump to propose ‘narrower definition’ for water protection

PBS NewsHour

Published on Sep 14, 2019

The Trump administration this week rolled back Obama-era regulations on the Clean Water Act, which was established to limit the amount of pollution in U.S. bodies of water and to protect sources of drinking water. Critics called the regulations an example of government overreach. Coral Davenport, a New York Times reporter covering energy and environmental policy, joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss.

The Future of Farming

The Daily Conversation

Technology is revolutionizing farming. That’s great news—by the year 2050 Earth’s population will be 10 billion, so we need to almost double the amount of food we now produce.

A Look Inside China’s Social Credit System | NBC News Now

NBC News

Published on Jun 4, 2019

NBC’s Janis Mackey Frayer goes inside the factories making facial recognition scanners that track the movements and communities experimenting with China’s social credit system.

China’s “Social Credit System” Has Caused More Than Just Public Shaming ( HBO)


China is testing a new plan to urge its citizens to do more good and be more trustworthy – the Social Credit System. It’s kind of like the American credit score, except it tracks far more than financial transactions. It tracks good — and bad — deeds.

Part of the system is a neighbor watch program that’s being piloted across the country where designated watchers are paid to record people’s behaviors that factor into their social credit score. A high score could bring you lower interest loans and discounted rent and utility bills, but if your score is low, you can be subjected to public shaming or even banned from certain kinds of travel, life gets hard.

China’s economy has exploded over the past decades, economic reforms required banks to be able to evaluate individuals looking to borrow money to buy houses or start new businesses. Fraud and excess borrowing were rampant because most people didn’t really have much of a credit history. To measure its citizens’ trustworthiness, in 2014, The State Council laid out a plan that aims to build a centralized database to evaluate individuals and organizations based on their financial and social behaviors.

The program is scheduled to be nationwide by 2020, which means every Chinese citizen will be tracked, scored, and receive perks and restrictions accordingly.

VICE News went to a village in one of the first pilot cities to see how the local office funnels the behaviors of 3,000 residents in this neighborhood into social credit scores.

(54) Inside China’s High-Tech Dystopia


Premiered Jan 24, 2019

In part three of Hello World Shenzhen, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance heads out into a city where you can’t use cash or credit cards, only your smartphone, where AI facial-recognition software instantly spots and tickets jaywalkers, and where at least one factory barely needs people. This is the society that China’s government and leading tech companies are racing to make a reality, with little time to question which advancements are net positives for the rest of us.
Part One – Inside China’s Future Factory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLmaI…
Part Two – China’s High Stakes Robot Wars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrhvZ…

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On Contact: Tyranny of the corporate workplace – Elizabeth Anderson

RT America

Published on Sep 14, 2019

Host Chris Hedges talks to Elizabeth Anderson, professor of philosophy at University of Michigan, about the tyranny of the corporate workplace from non-disclosure agreements to punitive, restrictive work conditions and censorship. Their discussion comes as California lawmakers passed landmark legislation challenging the business model of “gig-economy” companies forcing companies to reclassify certain contract workers as employees. Anderson’s new book ‘Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don’t Talk about It)’, was published by Princeton Press.

World’s first floating nuclear power station heads to Russian Far East

Published on Sep 14, 2019
The world’s first floating nuclear power station, the ‘Akademik Lomonosov,’ was captured on its way to the Pevek harbour in Chukotka, footage released on Friday shows. The floating nuclear plant is 144 metres (470 feet) long and 30 metres (100 feet) wide, houses two nuclear reactors and is named after 18th-century Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. Сourtesy: Rosatom

Why China grows faster than US

RT America

Published on Sep 13, 2019

Economist and founder of Democracy at Work Prof. Richard Wolff joins RT America’s Michele Greenstein (in for Rick Sanchez) to discuss the US-China trade war, peculiarities of the Chinese economic system and what an economic slowdown in China would mean for the global economy. He argues that China is “the model for what most Americans want” and that this is embarrassing to Washington. He also weighs in on the Hong Kong protests.