The divestment movement hits $11 trillion out of fossil fuels!

Published on Sep 11, 2019

People power does it again: today we announced that $11 *trillion* dollars has been committed to divest from fossil fuels. This movement is a powerful force for change. Business as usual is no longer an option. #FinancingTheFuture Join the movement for a just energy future by joining a climate strike near you on 20-27 September:

Streamed live on Sep 9, 2019

The press conference coincides with the launch of ‘Financing the Future’, a multistakeholder summit being held in Cape Town on 10th and 11th September 2019. It is the first-ever convening of its kind in the global south. The aim of the conference is to build power among divest-invest advocates on every continent who are working to accelerate the flow of capital out of the fossil fuel industry driving our climate emergency, and into the 100% renewable energy future. More info about the summit can be found here:

Streamed live on Sep 10, 2019

The climate crisis is increasingly urgent; only a short window of time remains to avoid massive harm. At the same time, more than a billion people lack access to reliable energy sources and need such access to enjoy the education, healthcare, and access to opportunity that everyone deserves. Decentralised renewable energy technologies offer less costly, more resilient solutions to energy access, and offer substantial job creation potential. Shifting finance flows away from fossil fuels and into climate solutions represent the right way to “finance the future” as the divest invest movement and pressure on development banks have shown. Experts will describe why these approaches are indispensable to solving the climate crisis and ensuring universal access to clean, reliable, affordable sources of energy.

Started streaming 5 hours ago

In the face of climate change and the urgent need for energy access for over 1 billion people and clean cooking for over 2.5 billion, the world needs a new energy and economic paradigm – one that trades reliance on fossil fuels, the “resource curse,” and extreme inequality for universally accessible renewable energy and principle-based community empowerment. Experts will describe how this vision can be realized – and how everyone can make a difference.

Learn more about the Summit, speakers in this stream, and programme at:

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