“European Arguments” series – Extinction Rebellion

1) Roger Hallam, “Should we take their money?” – European Arguments 1/4 | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion

Published on Sep 9, 2019

In this the 1st vid of his 4 part “European Arguments” series Roger contemplates the pros and cons of accepting money from “rich people” and the attendant tension it might create between volunteers and paid staff.

2) Roger Hallam, “So who decides how to decide?” – European Arguments 2/4 | Extinction Rebellion

Is centralization or decentralization an either or choice? In this the 2nd installment of his 4 part “European Arguments” series, Roger shares his views on the organizational model XR is running with and how it came about.

3) Roger Hallam, “The paradox of political identity” | European Arguments 3/4 | Extinction Rebellion

“It’s all about going to the people”, remarks Roger at the start of this the 3rd installment in his “European Arguments” series. What is the best way for XR to continue to scale up and be the social movement that this climate emergency so desperately needs?

4) Roger Hallam, “About talking to the police” | European Arguments 4/4 | Extinction Rebellion

In this his 4th and final installment in the “European Arguments” series of vids Roger shares his thoughts on how to maximize mobilization via relationship building with the police.

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1. #TellTheTruth
2. #ActNow
3. #BeyondPolitics
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Filmed by Jamie Lowe, London [August 2019]

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