Doughnut Economics: The Business of Business in the 21st Century by Kate Raworth


Published on Dec 18, 2018

At The Family, we believe that anyone can become a great entrepreneur.
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By Kate Raworth (,
author of Doughnut Economics With Kyle Hall (,

Writer at The Family You can find the slides here:…
Humanity’s 21st century challenge is clear: Meet the needs of all people – from food, housing, health care and education to communications and mobility – without going beyond the capacities of our planet

Over the past five years, Kate has studied how to do it, looking into how we can meet these needs with many diverse businesses, from three-people startups to B-Corps to Fortune 500 companies, and has heard a wide range of responses. She shares insights and inspiring examples of how business can play a key role in addressing this challenge, including by exploring the design of business itself – a foundational issue for any purpose-driven startup.

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