Van challenges conservatives to step up on climate. Bi-partisan solutions are needed

Rebuild The Dream

Published on Sep 9, 2019
“To my Republican friends, it does not have to be this way. A decade ago addressing the climate crisis was a bipartisan issue. And it’s got to become that again. Come on my Republican friends if you don’t like the democratic proposals put forward your own but it’s tame for conservative America to speak up. This is not a hoax, all right. I challenge our veterans, our retired generals, sitting generals, put forward a statement to President Trump demanding action. You know that every scenario over at the Pentagon has climate chaos stirring up wars, they are going to threaten our national security. It’s time to speak up.

I challenge our red state farmers facing floods and draughts and fires, tell your congressional representatives to get to work dealing with this. And I call upon young Republicans, conservatives and libertarians who believe in science to speak out. You don’t like the green new deal, that’s fine. Put forward your own proposals but do not be silent. We cannot tackle a problem this big with only half of America’s leaders participating. But together, we can get something done.”

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