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100th Anniversary of the Fordson Tractor

Fair Lane, Home of Clara & Henry Ford

Published on May 5, 2017

In 1917, Henry Ford and his son Edsel designed and launched the Model F tractor. Hailed as the “Model T of the Soil,” the Fordson Model F was the first lightweight, affordable tractor the world had seen. The labor and food shortage of World War I came to an end because of the Fordson tractor. It became the foundation on which American and European agriculture flourished in a changing world. To celebrate its 100th Anniversary, we are opening a new exhibit in the historic Garage at Henry’s Fair Lane estate. Admission is free! Check out www.henryfordestate.org for more information!

Overcoming the Multiple Legacies of European Colonialism: Can The West Survive Its Most Cherished Historical Myths? – Part 1 & 2 | EV & N – 324 & 325| CCTV




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There are many legacies of Europe’s and America’s colonial past that are problematic and threaten the future survival of humanity.




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The entire human community needs quickly to overcome the three enduring myths that form the core of the legacy of European colonialism:

  1. The myth of racism (racial, cultural &/or religious exceptionalism).
  2. The myth of ever  expanding “frontiers” and perpetual growth economics
  3. The myth of techno-scientific salvationism & the blindness to system-wide impacts of sector-specific “triumphs.”

While they may have received their largest and most extensive expression as enduring legacies of European maritime colonialism, these myths and metaphors are now widely shared by all cultures and political entities around the world.  Both China and India are openly embracing the notion of exploring “frontiers of space,” and no nation-state in the world has renounced the core operating assumptions of perpetual-growth economics, based very precariously on the myths of techno-scientific salvationism and the “magic” of the market.

There is now an emerging global awareness that it is the technologies we have devised (from nano-plastics to nuclear waste, or the expansion of antibiotic resistance to the costly carbon trap of petro-dependent agriculture) that leave us now with the gravest existential threats to our continued existence.  Science itself is leading us to understand that a blind faith in the mythology of techno-scientific salvationism is futile and perhaps suicidal.  Moreover, there are no longer any further terrestrial frontiers.  We are all now confined to a burning planet, and fantasies about “escape” to other “frontiers of space” remain just that — fantasies.

While the humanities with their focus on literature, philosophy and the arts often deal in alternate forms of reality than that which we encounter on a daily basis, surely one of their principal achievements over the centuries has been to help humans to engage in self-reflection and learn how to distinguish between fact and fantasy.

Now, perhaps more than ever, there is a crying need for a new understanding of the humanities to help us craft credible narratives for survival on a finite, rapidly warming and increasingly chaotic and unpredictable planet.  This task will not be easy because basic ethical principles of responsible reciprocal behavior are categorically rejected by the world’s dominant powers..

We all certainly hope that the forthcoming Inaugural Rhodes  Humanities Forum can assist us for years to come in forging the new narratives of change that will be needed for our collective survival.




Progressive News Site ThinkProgress Shuts Down After Failing to Secure Funding

Sep 09, 2019

In media news, the progressive news site ThinkProgress shut down Friday after it failed to secure funding. ThinkProgress was created in 2005 as a project of the Democratic Party think tank Center for American Progress Action Fund but was editorially independent. Journalist Zach Carter said in a tweet, “The collapse of ThinkProgress demonstrates that the Democratic Party establishment and its donor base have little to no interest in sustaining center-left media outlets, even in the Age of Trump. The election of Donald Trump and the rise of an American authoritarian movement seem not to have changed many minds among wealthy Democrats.”

Heating of Pacific Ocean Threatens Marine Life, Endangered Species

Image Credit: NOAA
Sep 09, 2019

In climate news, scientists say a massive area of the northeastern Pacific Ocean is five degrees Fahrenheit hotter than average, in a warming event rivaling the so-called Blob of 2014. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns it’s the second-worst marine heat wave observed since the agency first began collecting satellite data in 1981. The warm waters threaten to spawn a massive algal bloom and could decimate fish populations, threatening sea lions, endangered orcas and humpback whales.

Bahama Grapples with Hurricane Dorian’s Devastation as U.S. Turns Away Asylum Seek ers

Sep 09, 2019

At least 44 people are confirmed dead, with that number expected to rise exponentially, as the Bahamas continues to reel from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Dorian. More than 70,000 on Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands have been left homeless, and thousands remain missing.

On Saturday, a cruise ship brought more than 1,500 Bahamanians to a port in Florida. But on Sunday, more than 100 people seeking aid and refuge in the United States were turned away after boarding a ferry bound for Florida. Before the boat left the Bahamas, passengers were told to disembark if they didn’t have visas to enter the United States. This is Renard Oliver, a father who was forced to take his young children off the boat after the announcement.

Renard Oliver: “At the last minute like this, it’s kind of disappointing. It’s hurtful, because I’m watching my daughters cry. But yeah, it is what it is.”

Trump Calls Off Secret Afghanistan Meeting, Putting Fate of Possible Peace Deal in Question

Sep 09, 2019

President Trump announced on Twitter Saturday he was calling off a “secret” meeting between himself, the Afghan president and Taliban leaders that may have led to the withdrawal of thousands of U.S. troops from Afghanistan — although reports raise questions about the meeting’s details and who exactly was to take part. Trump said his decision was due to a Taliban car bomb last Thursday that killed 12 people, including a U.S. soldier, in Kabul. Trump also said all further negotiations were being called off.

The U.S. and Taliban had appeared close to an agreement after holding nine rounds of talks in Doha, even though the Afghan government had not taken part in those meetings. The New York Times reports Trump wanted the deal to be announced at the Camp David meeting so he would be perceived as the dealmaker who pulled the peace deal together. But according to the Times, Taliban negotiators had agreed to come to the United States only after a deal was announced and only to meet with the American side. There are also questions about why Trump canceled the secret meeting. We’ll have more on this story after headlines.

Hurricane Dorian Was Fueled by Climate Change. Why Isn’t the Mainstream Medi a Making the Connection?

Democracy Now!

Published on Sep 9, 2019

At least 44 people are dead, and the number is expected to rise dramatically, as the Bahamas continues to reel from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Dorian last week. More than 70,000 on Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands have been left homeless, and hundreds, perhaps thousands, remain missing. As the Bahamas faces unprecedented destruction and thousands continue to seek shelter and aid, the island nation has been described as “ground zero” for the climate crisis. Despite this, the mainstream media has largely omitted any mention of global warming in its coverage of the disaster. We speak to Allison Fisher, outreach director of Public Citizen’s Climate and Energy Program. She says, “If you are an American that is turning to one of these sources, whether it be ABC or NBC or your major paper in your state, for information, you are not hearing what the scientific community wants you to know, which is the climate crisis is making these storms much more dangerous and, in some cases, deadly.”