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Economic Update: Corporate Capitalism in Decline FULL EPISODE

Democracy At Work

Published on Sep 2, 2019

We are off this week due to the federal holiday, but we hope you enjoy this older episode with guest Chris Hedges!
THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
00:54 – Capitalism and hurricanes;
10:36 – the business of drug addiction and overdose;
18:13 – how poverty has caused hookworm to resurface in North America;
20:34 – announcements;
22:16 – and the economics of elite universities’ tax avoidance.
28:10 – SPECIAL GUEST: Chris Hedges joins Wolff to talk about a declining, decaying capitalism.

Chris Hedges is a columnist for TruthDig; he teaches at Princeton University in a program for incarcerated prisoners; he’s a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a New York Times best selling author. His most recent work is called “America the Farewell.”

On Contact: Dismantling security tales – Charles Derber

RT America

Published on Sep 7, 2019

Host Chris Hedges talks to Dr. Charles Derber about how the capitalist state uses fear bolstered by racism as a tool to control the people, and through their efforts to abolish civil liberties, crush dissent and extinguish democratic space. Derber is the author of a new book, ‘Moving Beyond Fear: Upending the Security Tales in Capitalism, Fascism and Democracy,’ with Yale R. Magrass.

Negotiating the Nonnegotiable

The Film Archives

Published on Sep 8, 2019

Mass Incarceration: Envisioning A Moral Future, Featuring Michelle Alexander

The Laura Flanders Show EXODUS: BUILDING A MOVEMENT TO END MASS INCARCERATION AND MASS DETENTION Color Of Change, Define American, and Union Theological Seminary will host a symposium on mass incarceration and mass detention at Union’s campus in New York City. For too long, these issues have been treated as if they were wholly distinct when, in fact, the system that seeks to criminalize and disenfranchise communities of color is the same as that which otherizes and dehumanizes migrants. It’s time for faith leaders, journalists and politicians to reject these lies, and the white supremacist ideology that undergirds them.