How infrastructure shortfalls in the Bahamas are hindering Hurricane Dorian rescue efforts

Democracy Now!

Published on Sep 6, 2019

Despite its abundance of natural resources, the Bahamas has been unable to turn to renewable forms of energy due to multinational companies’ control over the islands’ electrical grid. The government’s use of legal roadblocks bars Bahamians from utilizing alternative energy to bypass the “failing” electrical grid, explains Professor Erica Moiah James of the University of Miami. The fallout after Hurricane Dorian highlights the many ways in which the islands have been shortchanged in the global climate crisis as organizations scramble to locate hundreds of missing people. Infrastructure shortfalls such as the weak electrical grid directly affect rescue operations. The death toll from Hurricane Dorian has now climbed to 30, and is expected to rise. As part of the “global ecosystem,” the Bahamians’ interests also deserve to be considered, Professor James explains. “We came to realize very early that multinational companies have become more powerful than small nation states.”

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