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The Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction

Published on Oct 11, 2013
“Last Hours” is the first in a series of short films that explore the perils of climate change and the solutions to avert climate disaster.

Abrupt Climate Change Realities: Hurricanes Stronger, Intensify Faster, Move Slower, Dump More Rain

Published on Sep 3, 2019
I continue to delve deeply into recent, cutting edge science on how climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous. Warming oceans have more evaporation; warmer air holds more water vapour, so storms are stronger and intensify more rapidly and cause much greater rainfall. Also, the forward speed of tropical storms has reduced globally by 10% since 1949; slowing over land is even greater (by 21% in western North Pacific, and 16% in North Atlantic). Hurricane Dorian was essentially STATIONARY for 1.5 days; Hurricane Harvey in 2017 meandered at 1-2 mph over Texas in 2017 dropping 5 feet of rain.

Boris Johnson defeated as Tory rebels move against a no-deal Brexit – BBC News

Published on Sep 3, 2019
The UK’s Prime Minister has lost a key Brexit vote as members of parliament opposed to no deal take control of House of Commons business. MPs voted to take control of the Commons agenda tomorrow, paving the way for a bill designed to block Boris Johnson from taking the UK out of the European Union without a deal. In a statement immediately after the vote, the Prime Minister accused parliament of being on the “brink of wrecking any deal” the UK might be able to strike in Brussels. Mr Johnson indicated that he would call for a general election if MPs vote tomorrow to force him to seek a delay to Brexit. Earlier in the day the government lost its working majority in the Commons, when the Conservative Dr Philip Lee defected to the Liberal Democrats in protest at the government’s approach. Part of the BBC News at Ten’s Brexit coverage

After Hurricane Dorian ravages the Bahamas, U.S. officials fight storm ‘complacency’

Published on Sep 3, 2019
Hurricane Dorian hovered over parts of the Bahamas for more than 20 hours, leaving immense devastation and stranded residents in its wake. The weakening storm’s slow progression toward the southeastern U.S. meant officials in Florida and South Carolina were trying to stem complacency, urging that coastal residents evacuate just in case. John Yang reports and joins Judy Woodruff with the latest.

Bob Jickling (Canada) on the Earth Charter

Published on Sep 3, 2019
Bob Jickling is a renowned environmental educator, professor emeritus of Lakehead University, Canada.

Richard Wolff on a Conservative Argument Against Free Education

Published on Sep 3, 2019
“So you see, we shouldn’t give them loans and we certainly shouldn’t free the tuition because colleges will raise their tuition and employers will stop raising wages. Oh my goodness. This is why we shouldn’t help people because others in this crazy system would take advantage of helping people. That’s right. That’s their argument.”

Richard Wolff on the Chinese form of Socialism

Published on Sep 3, 2019
“So the Chinese used the world market, the deal they struck with private capitalists and the lessons they learned from the Soviet Union to organize what they call a special Chinese kind of socialism that allows for private enterprise (a considerable amount) allows for market dealings (a considerable amount) but controls from the top, through the state-owned enterprises, the leading or dominant sectors of the Chinese economy.”