Can nuclear power save us from climate catastrophe? MIT professor weighs in

Democracy Now!

Published on Aug 27, 2019

Proponents of nuclear power often bill the option as a panacea to the impending climate crisis, arguing that it is a clean alternative to a carbon-reliant industry. Kate Brown, professor of science, technology and society at MIT specializing in environmental and nuclear history, says the full story is far more complex. “The thing that keeps me up at night is the health effects,” she says. Brown, who has spent five years researching the fallout and lasting repercussions of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, adds that “to this day when people tell you we have no evidence of low-dose exposures cause harm to human health, that is because that big study was never done.” She sat down with Democracy Now! to discuss the history of the Chernobyl accident and the reluctance of the scientific community to investigate the impact of long-term doses of small radioactivity exposure on local communities, a topic that she explores in her new book, “Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future.”

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