Leading from the front: financing urgent ambition

Published on Aug 21, 2019

Least developed countries’ (LDC) representatives, grassroots community organisations and climate action leaders explored collaborating to achieve rapid societal change during London Climate Action Week in early July 2019.

The LDCs are the 47 poorest countries that will be worst affected by climate impacts. Rather than seeing themselves as victims, they are showing the world what is possible with real commitment.

This session on 1 July at The Willis Building, set out the solutions for delivering equitable climate finance, getting ‘money where it matters’, to communities at the frontiers of ambitious climate action.

Among the panellists were: Hon. Sam M. Cheptoris, Minister, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda; Lucy Ssendi, Representative for the Government of Tanzania and LDC Group advisor; Beth Chitekwe Biti; Deputy Manager, Slum and Shack Dwellers’ International; Farayi Madziwa, Coordinator of the Readiness Programme, Adaptation Fund; Simon Young, Strategic Advisor to the Capital, Science and Policy Practice, Willis Towers Watson and President and Principal Consultant of GeoSY Ltd; Malcolm Ridout, Department for International Development; and Ms Sabera Khan, Senior Expert and Liaison Manager for Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia.

The panel and Q&A was facilitated by Deon Nel, CEO of the Global Resilience Partnership. More details: https://www.iied.org/london-climate-w… Project details: https://www.iied.org/ldc-initiative-f… You can watch the first session of the event on the same day, which focused on responding with urgency to the climate emergency, via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XvH7…

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