Fracking: UK shale reserves may be smaller than previously estimated – BBC News
By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent

    • 20 August 2019

    Image copyright Cuadrilla Image caption Cuardrilla have recently resumed fracking for shale gas in Lancashire Previous projections of the potential amount of shale gas under the UK may have been significantly overestimated, according to a new study.

    Instead of 50 years of gas at the current rate of consumption, this new research suggests there are just 5-7 years’ supply.

    But the UK’s fracking industry, which represents companies like Cuadrilla, dismissed the report.

    The said the sample size was too small to draw serious conclusions.

    The recovery of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing or fracking has been a slow moving and controversial affair in the UK over the past decade.

    Attempts by oil and gas companies to drill wells and extract gas have been held up by planning issues, concerns about earth tremors and public displays of disaffection over the issue.

    Through it all, the government and industry have maintained faith in the process.

    They argued that there was huge potential for fracked gas particularly in the Bowland shale, a geological formation that runs under Lancashire, Yorkshire, parts of the Midlands and into North Wales.

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