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Why does the US have 800 military bases around the world?

Published on May 18, 2015
The US has about 800 military bases in other countries, according to David Vine in his forthcoming book Base Nation. And it costs a lot of money to keep them open. Why are they there in the first place?

Brazil Fires: Sao Paulo Goes Dark as Smoke from Amazon Fires Blankets City

VOA News

Published on Aug 21, 2019

The Brazilian megalopolis of Sao Paulo went dark early Monday, August 19, after thick smoke from record-breaking fires in the Amazon blanketed swathes of the city. Wildfires raging in the Amazon have hit a record number this year, with 72,843 fires detected so far by Brazil’s space research center INPE, as concerns grow over right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro’s environmental policy. The surge marks an 83% increase over the same period of 2018, the highest since records began in 2013, according to the body. (Reuters)

Jair Bolsonaro’s provocative views in six clips

Published on Oct 29, 2018
Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, has become known for making offensive and controversial declarations. The far-right, pro-gun, pro-torture populist built his campaign around pledges to crush corruption, crime and a supposed communist threat. He secured 55.1% of the vote and was elected on Sunday

Hong Kong protesters clash with police at subway station

Published on Aug 21, 2019
▶️ Demonstrators protested in Hong Kong, Wednesday, August 21. 👉 It was the latest in a series of demonstrations, which have sometimes turned violent, since June against a perceived erosion of freedoms in the Chinese-ruled former British colony. Hong Kong riot police faced off briefly with protesters occupying a Yuen Long train station Wednesday evening following a commemoration of a violent attack there by masked assailants on supporters of the anti-government movement. Police with riot shields faced off at the station entrance against a group of remaining protesters, who sprayed a firehose and spread soap on the floor to slow a police approach, while piling up trash bins, a wheelchair and umbrellas in a makeshift blockade. They also discharged fire extinguishers, creating a cloud obscuring visibility. The station’s entrance shutters were lowered, barricading the protesters inside. The confrontation ended without further incident, as police retreated and protesters left on trains. (AP)

Jair Bolsonaro claims NGOs may be setting Amazon rainforest on fire

Published on Aug 21, 2019
The Brazilian president has said NGOs could be burning down the Amazon rainforest to embarrass his government after he cut their funding. Bolsonaro had no evidence but said ‘everything indicates’ that NGOs are going to the Amazon to set fire to the forest.

China’s Race to the Top: A History of Economic Growth

Foreign Policy Association
Published on Feb 5, 2018

Full episode and more: https://www.amazon.com/China-The-New-…

An excerpt from Great Decisions 2018 “China: The New Silk Road.” This excerpt features Nicholas Kristof, Walter Russell Mead, Pat Buchanan, John Frisbie, Brian Eyler, Alexis Crow, and Max Baucus. Narrated by Academy Award nominated actor David Strathairn and featuring the most important voices in international affairs, Great Decisions in Foreign Policy brings you eight half-hour documentaries, each tackling a different foreign policy challenge facing America today.

Portland Rejects Proud Boys & Other Ultra-Right Groups as Trump Tries to Criminalize Antifa

Democracy Now!

Published on Aug 20, 2019

A crowd of white nationalists took to the streets of Portland, Oregon, over the weekend for what they dubbed the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally. But they were outnumbered by a massive response from counterprotesters, who gathered across the city as police escorted members of the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and other right-wing groups across one of the city’s main bridges. Police arrested 13 people throughout the day and seized weapons but largely avoided “the worst-case scenario” Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler said the city was prepared for. Portland Police put more than 700 officers on patrol, with more than one cop for every two of the estimated 1,200 protesters. Some Republican politicians have called for antifa to be recognized as a terror organization, and the FBI has found that the majority of domestic terror in the U.S. is caused by white supremacists. From Portland, we speak with Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who this year became the first African-American woman on the Portland City Council, and Shane Burley, a freelance journalist and filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon, and author of “Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It.”