Iraq’s Water Crisis The ecological disaster poisoning Basra and the Mesopotamian Marshes

RT Documentary

Published on Aug 18, 2019

In Basra, where the Tigris and Euphrates join up, 4,000 people a day are admitted to hospital with water related diseases. The reason? Rivers are drying up and the remaining water is salty and heavily polluted. To understand the water crisis in Iraq, an RTD crew travels to the south of the country to see what is happening to Basra’s famous canals. Dr Azzam Alwash, founder of Nature Iraq, the country’s only environmental NGO, takes the crew on a boat tour of the Mesopotamian Marshes, where the buffalo have nothing to drink. Since 2003, the engineer has been fighting alongside the Marsh Arabs to restore the marshlands to their pre Saddam Hussein glory. But can the forces that threaten the water supply be beaten?

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