“Navigating knowledge: new tools for the journey” with Dr Penny Mealy

Oxford Martin School
Streamed live on May 23, 2019

Like the wind, knowledge can be difficult to see or grasp, but if well-harnessed, it can help us do extraordinary things. In this talk, Dr Penny Mealy will discuss how novel analytical tools are providing new insights into the use of knowledge in society, and highlight implications for economic development, inequality and the transition to the green economy.

Penny Mealy is a Research Associate at the Institute of New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School; Oxford Martin Fellow on the Oxford Martin Programme on the Post-Carbon Transition; Research Associate at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge; and was a visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Seeking to better understand the economy as a complex system, Penny’s research looks at novel, data-driven ways of analysing economic growth and development, occupational mobility, and the post-carbon transition. She also leads a project on ‘Practical wisdom in a Complex World’, which is exploring what the Aristotelian notion of ‘living well’ might mean in the context of the complex adaptive systems that shape our lives.

Oxford Martin School,
University of Oxford

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