Superpower: How Renewables are Transforming America’s Energy Future

Streamed live 72 minutes ago
Modernizing an aging electricity grid, addressing power storage, and electrifying transportation are just a few of the challenges in realizing a 100 percent clean energy economy in the U.S. In his new book “Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy,” author Russell Gold takes a deep look at a leading renewable resource: wind power. From the early energy pioneers who persevered through economic and infrastructural hurdles to farmers and landowners critical to the sector’s growth, could the history of wind power lay out a roadmap for renewable energy success? What’s next in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables? How do we finance our clean energy future? Join us for a conversation with Lynn Doan, team lead for Power and Gas at Bloomberg News, Russell Gold, author and reporter at The Wall Street Journal, and Jigar Shah, “The Energy Gang” co-host about an industry looking to redesign the U.S. energy landscape.

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